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About YungUnitee

About YungUnitee

YungUnitee is a youth-oriented start-up with a mission to enable aspiring students to pursue their dreams. We believe that a determined mindset needs to be developed at the school level where students can come together, share ideas and start building prototypes of their ideas. It’s a start-up with a focus on student's overall development.  YungUnitee helps students build their skills by providing them with opportunities for networking with peers and mentors who have already been successful in this domain. We work globally to encourage students to aim for the best they deserve.


  • We help students build their skills by providing them with the necessary resources and support that they need to foster their passion and ambition.
  • Our vision is to inspire and motivate our people to take action and organize activities that contribute to the future objectives of the community.
  • We created a network and an opportunity to develop your creativity. Founded in 2021, YungUnitee. It's a nonpartisan organization that offers adolescents throughout the world a worldwide forum.
  • We have spent much time establishing networks and getting our staff involved, socializing through events, seminars, and lectures.
  • Our major purpose is to contact young people worldwide and offer them a forum for exploring their talents.
  • Our community helps you establish a family where you learn to work and set high objectives. ' Grow up and grow up”
Our Vision

YungUniteen aims to make a contribution in all spheres of society, especially in education, entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and research. The company is always looking for new ways to create an environment where students can be free, grow and most importantly have fun while learning.

Our Mission

YungUnitee is a youth-led social entrepreneurship company that is always looking for new ways to create opportunities for youth. Following the release of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, we are now looking for determined students who can share our vision to promote and create sustainable opportunities for youth in developing countries. We grow at the right moment, as it ought to have grown and so now it's time to expand. Since YungUnitee has crossed the bootstrapping stage now, and when we talk about entrepreneurship, it is time for YungUnitee to escalate.

Our Aim

— To grow our organization all across India and get as many customers as possible.
— To hold conferences across the country and establish a self-sustaining ecosystem.
— To improve the outlook of the Indian education system.
— To increase the crew to open a fetch point every 50 km.
— To build a community of Indian education system and achieve its breakthrough.

Meet Our
Core Team
Vishal Dixit
Chief Mentor, YungUnitee
Chief Mentor, YungUnitee.
Gauree Dwivedi
Community Head, YungUnitee
Community Head, YungUnitee.