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About YungUnitee

YungUnitee is a youth-oriented start-up with a mission to enable aspiring students to pursue their dreams. We believe that a determined mindset needs to be developed at the school level where students can come together, share ideas and start building prototypes of their ideas. It’s a start-up with a focus on student's overall development.  YungUnitee helps students build their skills by providing them with opportunities for networking with peers and mentors who have already been successful in this domain. We work globally to encourage students to aim for the best they deserve.

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Career Guidance

We are a platform that connects young professionals with industry experts to help them grow in their careers. We do this by providing Aspirants with career hacks and guidance from the Experts. While aspirants get the guidance they need to climb up the career ladders. We are youth for one another!


We bridge the gap between the startup ecosystem and aspiring students by channelizing and strengthening pre-incubation activities by providing them with a platform where they can showcase their ideas, create a network with like-minded people, find mentors and advisors, get access to funding opportunities.


We also publish our own blogs for our audience to stay connected with the world. We publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, magazines, periodicals, articles, research projects, newsletters, and other publications in different languages for the promotion of our

Global Connection

In modern times the growth of a person is measured by the exposure he posses and we are here to provide the same every student in YungUnitee will be having a unique and amazing global experience with ample connections and experiences from amending the world.


We have collaboration with a lot of firms, companies, and associations which have apt, experience in their respective fields, and if a student tends intern at any of the desired organization, we would definitely try our best to get them
through it.


We work globally and help students create the network. We engage the community through seminars, webinars, events, etc. We help students to create a network and socialize.

YungUnitee Community

Youth now is the leaders of Tomorrow:. Learning is a process and deals with "giving and taking." We passed education covering all aspects of life from generation to generation.

As YungUnitee has already passed the bootstrapping stage, it's time for YungUnitee to elevate when we talk about entrepreneurship. In current times, a person’s exposure evaluates a person's progress, and we all offer the same knowledge to every student of YungUnitee with extensive links and experience of changing the world. Our community includes young aspirants as well as mentors who will guide you towards better career management.

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Community Members
Mayur Bahel
Project Manager, ANZ Bank, Australia
Project Manager, ANZ Bank, Australia.
Ishaani Tiwari
Human Resource Expert, Ireland
Human Resource Expert, Ireland.
Yash Mehra
Consultant and Business Manager, Malsen Medical, France
Consultant and Business Manager, Malsen Medical, France.
Mansi Oberoi
SUNO 102.4, Music Manager & Drive Time Presenter, Dubai
SUNO 102.4, Music Manager & Drive Time Presenter, Dubai.
Raj Adity
Founder,Content Director and Producer, Avalanche Advanced Marketing Services Limited, New Zealand (MAA Invercargill)
Founder,Content Director and Producer, Avalanche Advanced Marketing Services Limited, New Zealand (MAA Invercargill).
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